Sr. Project Manager

Delmar Systems

Josiah holds a degree in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University. He is a registered Professional Engineer with over twenty years of experience in the engineering and design field. Since joining Delmar Systems in 2002, Josiah has been instrumental in the development of many of Delmar’s products and offerings such as the Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS), Starfix.moor, and Del-3DM. 

With a strong background in design and installation of offshore mooring systems, Josiah has served in an offshore capacity contributing to the completion of 30+ floating facility installation and decommissioning projects around the world. He current serves as the US Chair for the IEC TC 114 Mooring Design Standard development.

Delmar installs mooring systems and umbilicals from the back deck of AHTS and MPSV vessels. Leveraging their 50+ years of experience, Delmar is committed to reducing LCOE of FOWT via reliable designs, innovative products, efficient installation methodologies, as well as strategic maintenance and inspection programs.

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