Research Engineer

University of Maine

Dr. Spencer Hallowell, Ph.D., is a research engineer at the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center. At the center, Dr. Hallowell leads the NOWRDC-sponsored project focused on developing a synthetic mooring system for a 15 MW FOWT. Other responsibilities at the center include metocean analysis, mooring and anchor design, and GIS work for various offshore renewable projects. Dr. Hallowell’s background is in structural engineering with a focus on the response of offshore structures to extreme environmental loading and performance-based design. He has published journal articles on the reliability of offshore wind turbines subjected to hurricanes and breaking waves, multiline mooring systems for floating offshore wind turbines, as well as the analysis of aquaculture infrastructure. In his spare time, Dr. Hallowell runs a small farm with various Equidae and environmentally conserved lands.

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