Marine Extension Associate

Maine Sea Grant

Dr. Amalia Harrington is a Marine Extension Associate with the Maine Sea Grant College Program at the University of Maine and is also an adjunct faculty member in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine. She is a crustacean ecologist and currently serves as the Northeast Regional Lobster Extension Project Coordinator for the National Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative. Her work focuses on increasing the American lobster industry‚Äôs resilience to the biological, economic, and social impacts of ecosystem change across the Northeast. Through a collaborative approach with industry members, resource managers, researchers, and fishing communities, this Extension Program strives to ensure that all stakeholders across the region benefit from and contribute to research products and cross-sector connections. Dr. Harrington is also a member of Maine Sea Grant’s core team focused on understanding the emerging needs of and impacts to coastal communities as offshore wind development proceeds in the Gulf of Maine. She is a member of the Northeast Sea Grant Consortium’s Offshore Renewable Energy Community of Practice.

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