Senior Deputy Director

Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI)

Goodale is the Senior Deputy Director and Center for Ecology Co-Director at Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI), and adjunct research faculty at the University of Maine. Goodale has a BA in biology from Colorado College, an MPhil in human ecology from College of the Atlantic, and a Ph.D. in environmental conservation from UMass Amherst. Goodale was a National Science Foundation IGERT fellow in the UMass Offshore Wind Energy Program and is a Switzer Environmental Fellow. Goodale’s research is focused on the interaction of wildlife with offshore wind energy. Goodale has in-depth knowledge of the cumulative effects, offshore wind farm wildlife literature, and environmental assessments.
At BRI, Goodale takes a leadership role in developing organization-wide projects, making strategic decisions, facilitating daily operations, and managing over 40 employees. He has conducted or managed more than 80 conservation biology projects. He was the PI on Department of Energy funded project that developed a stereo-optic camera system to track birds and bats around wind turbines. Goodale has served on municipal committees, environmental nonprofit boards, professional boards, and college boards, including the governor appointed Maine Board of Environmental Protection.

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