Matthew B. Burns

Executive Director

Maine Port Authority

Matthew has been the Executive Director of the Maine Port Authority since May, 2022. Previously, Matthew was Interim Executive Director twice, from 2018-2019 and 2021-2022 while also working as the Director of Ports and Marine Transportation for the MaineDOT. Matthew’s work at the Maine Port Authority includes statewide port development and planning as well as marine terminal operations.

Matthew spent 13 years as a deck officer before coming shore-side to work for the State of Maine. Matthew has experience serving as a deck officer on passenger ships, tankers, dredges and ultra-deep-water drill ships, and has been fortunate to work on complex projects all over the world. Matthew graduated from Maine Maritime Academy (2004) with a B.S. in Marine Transportation Operations and is a licensed merchant marine deck officer with a dynamic positioning operator endorsement.

Michael Pol

Research Director

Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA)

Mike Pol is the Research Director at the Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA), which focuses on understanding potential regional impact to fish and fisheries from offshore wind development. Mike has been working on development of regional data standards, gear standardization, data accessibility, and a regional research framework, among other topics.

Before coming to ROSA, Mike spent many years first working in fisheries observer programs, and then later as a project leader at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries developing gear-based solutions to bycatch and other fisheries issues.  Mike holds a PhD in Marine Science and Technology from the School for Marine Science and Technology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; an M.S. in Wildlife Biology (Fisheries) from The University of Montana; and a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell University. 

Matthew McCarty, P.E., S.E.,

Principal, Ports and Marine Terminals


Matt is a Principal in the Ports & Marine Terminals Sector with Stantec in New York City, where he specializes in delivering port infrastructure projects in the Northeast USA though planning, funding, permitting, and design phases. 

Matt has a fifteen-year background in waterfront infrastructure engineering and permitting for government and private businesses, including offshore wind developers, port authorities, ferry operators, shipyards, and the US Navy. Matt has led a half dozen of the port development projects supporting the new wind farms off the coasts of New York and New Jersey, including construction, marshalling, and O&M bases.