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Paul completed his PhD at Trinity College Dublin and is the original inventor of the TFI Marine Seaspring technology, being lead inventor on many of their patents. Paul is the Technical Director and co-founder of TFI and, as he will shortly tell you, has been leading the development of this technology. He will give you some insight into how the technology works and the current state of development, including certification, an FOWT demonstration and the commissioning of their new 15MW product factory in Ireland. He will soon be responsible for the largest injection moulded products in the world, producing 10 Tonne polymer parts for their mooring springs.

On completion of his PhD, Paul joined the Technology partnership, a Cambridge UK based technology consultancy. There he was a member of the scientific product division, developing and integrating new technologies into innovative products for customers. After leaving the UK and returning to Ireland, paul co-founded Technology from Ideas (TFI), to help the Irish university sector commercialise their innovations and technologies. Paul worked on hundreds of projects for the Irish universities, reviewing their projects and technologies, identifying target opportunities, validating these with the market, creating commercialisation support links between the interested companies and the universities, and building route to market development plans for the universities to follow. TFI also used their market knowledge to identify gaps in the market where new solutions were needed, sourcing or developing IP which could meet market needs. Spotting one of these market gaps, Paul developed the Seaspring technology and TFI Marine was born. He has worked on a wide range of renewable energy projects developing the Seaspring technology, including for wave (Wave Energy Scotland), tidal (H2020 Flotec) and floating wind (H2020 Flotant) projects. He has driven the expansion of the Seaspring technology into other markets (e.g. aquaculture) and applications (integrated sensors, power generation), leading to the development of new product and opportunities. He has also helped to build TFI Marine’s relationships with project developers, platform developers and EPCI contractors, working on many feasibility studies and supporting customer in house teams on evaluating the Seaspring. He has been the face of TFI Marine at many trade shows and conferences, presenting updates on the products and projects, while educating the industry on the benefits of the Seaspring load reduction device. He heads TFI Marine’s Mooring System Design team responsible customer mooring system modelling and Seaspring cost benefit analysis; leads the R&D team responsible for ongoing innovation; and oversees the Engineering team, responsible for delivering FEED studies or detailed design work for projects.

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